While wandering around this years ASLA show in San Diego I came across GSky’s green wall booth & was instantly enthralled by what they, and other manufacturers in their industry, are doing. For those of you unfamiliar with green walls, they are structures covered in live vegetation that are primarily used for their eco-friendly attributes & aesthetic appeal. Green walls have come quite a long way since their birth in 1988 by French botanist Patrick Blanc. When done right they are marvels of modern design, and I for one would kill to get one of these puppies installed at home or in the office! Call me crazy but there’s just something about them that creates the perfect synchronicity between the art lover in me & that granola eating hippie deep down inside. Let’s be honest, nothing beats the feeling of lying in a patch of lush green grass, be it your parents back yard or the park down the street. And for us city dwellers that don’t always have access to rolling green pastures, the green wall provides that nostalgic sensation of running through freshly cut grass (and hey you don’t have to worry about coming home with grass stained jeans!).

Keep your eyes peeled, with the growing trend of urban gardens and the need for more sustainable and eco-friendly products I have a sinking suspicion that green walls are a trend we’ll be seeing a lot more of whether it’s for at-home gardens or Saks Fifth Avenue. And the next time you stumble upon one in all its green texturey wonder I dare you to try and not reach out and touch it!


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